achieving a high final yield is the ultimate goal.

achieving a high final yield is the ultimate goal.


For every marijuana grower, achieving a high final yield is the ultimate goal.

There are a number of factors that can negatively affect your yield, so as a grower you need to always be aware and ready to combat these things to ensure a great yield.

What are the main things that can affect your yield?

As a start: high quality seeds from strong genetics. With proven winners as White Widow, Northern Lights and OG Kush you really cannot go wrong. Or you can actually, that is why I will help you grow big high yielding plants, every step of the way.

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Done? I’ll tell you all about achieving high yields now:

Light intensity

If your plants are in their vegetative phase and are not receiving a high enough intensity of light, they will “stretch” upwards toward the source of light. Tall, lanky plants are not the type of plants that are going to get you a high yield – bushier plants will.

To keep it simple, more light intensity leads to more (and bigger) buds. It’s, therefore, easy to understand why it’s such an important factor for your marijuana garden.

One simple way of increasing the intensity of light in your grow room is to move the light so it is positioned closer to the plant. This has to be within reason, of course, so as not to burn your plant’s tips.

Remember: the best way to increase the size and potency of all the buds is to have each one exposed to direct, intense light.

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Use the right nutrients

If your plants have sudden leaf discoloration, curling of the leaves, death of the leaves or other strange symptoms, the cause could easily be from too little (or too much) of one nutrient.

Contrary to what some new growers might assume, adding more nutrients will not automatically make your plant more well-nourished. You need to know exactly how much of each nutrient your plant is going to need, and during which phase.

Sound complicated? That’s because it is.

In general, it’s better to have fewer nutrients during your plant’s final 2-4 weeks before the harvest. If you see leaves dropping during this time, do not automatically assume it is a nutrient deficiency and start adding more nutrients. This will actually slow down your plant’s bud development, therefore resulting in a lower yield.

Fewer nutrients during this time will also allow your buds to get rid of any residual “nutrient taste” that sometimes comes with plants that have been receiving too many nutrients.

Don’t be afraid to allow some of the leaves to yellow, die, and drop off – it allows your plant to focus its valuable energy on high-quality bud growth instead.

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Harvest at the right time

The last but not least method I will discuss here: Make sure you harvest at the right time!

You will know you have chosen the wrong time to harvest if your buds aren’t fully ripe, or if they’re unusually small.

Chances are, you cut your potential by about 25% by harvesting too early. However: if you wait too long, you will also lose some potency and smell.

If you are trying to get a specific high from your buds, you can alter the harvesting schedule a bit. Buds harvested earlier generally have a buzzy high, best for smoking during the day. Later harvests lead to a high that is more relaxed couchlock feeling. Decide when you will harvest based on your personal preferences.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s info, don’t forget to read the full article here. There’s much more to discuss!

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