Nordic BIO CBD Oil nieuwsgierig naar de werking van CBD? Van CBD olie, CBD capsules tot aan CBD lippenbalsem, bij Nordic Oil

Nordic BIO CBD olie van bio hennep

Nordic BIO CBD olie hennep

Nordic BIO CBD olie hennep

Nordic Oil is één van de meest gewaardeerde merken wereldwijd binnen de CBD Oil industry. Daar zijn wij enorm trots op. Onze missie is om de beste CBD olie producten te maken en te blijven ontwikkelen.

Wij verkrijgen alleen biologisch geteelde, fair-trade hennep uit Europa. Door samen te werken met leveranciers uit verschillende landen met verschillende klimaten, kunnen wij hennep van de hoogste kwaliteit selecteren voor onze productie.

Nordic Bio Cbd Oil

CBD Liquid voor E-sigaretten

CBD olie voor huisdieren



Onze oliën zitten boordevol met natuurlijke terpenen. Deze organische verbindingen geven planten hun unieke geur en bevorderen ontspanning en verlichten stress-klachten. Samen met onze oliën verrijken ze het therapeutische effect van de CBD.


CBD Olie 5% Full Spectrum van Canoil (10ml) Canoil CBD Olie van het topmerk Canoil. Zowel dit product als alle andere producten van Canoil zijn 100% natuurlijk en biologisch gecertificeerd en Volledig Spectrum. Canoil CBD Olie – 0,0 % THC – Full Spectrum – 100% legaal in Europa – 100% gemaakt van natuurlijke materialen – 5% CBD, perfect als eerste aankoop

Canoil CBD Full Spectrum Olie is met stip ons meest populaire product: CBD olie met 5% CBD van het topmerk Canoil. Zowel dit product als alle andere producten van Canoil zijn 100% natuurlijk en biologisch gecertificeerd en Volledig Spectrum. 

Canoil CBD Olie 5% Full Spectrum van Canoil (10ml)

Canoil CBD Full Spectrum Olie is met stip ons meest populaire product: CBD olie met 5% CBD van het topmerk Canoil. Zowel dit product als alle andere producten van Canoil zijn 100% natuurlijk en biologisch gecertificeerd en Volledig Spectrum. Dit flesje bevat 10 ml waardoor u er ongeveer 200 druppels uit kunt krijgen.

Vooral voor mensen die nog nooit eerder CBD olie geprobeerd hebben, is dit een perfect product om mee te starten.

Kenmerken Canoil CBD Olie

– 0,0 % THC
– Full Spectrum
– 100% legaal in Europa
– 100% gemaakt van natuurlijke materialen
– 5% CBD, perfect als eerste aankoop



How CBD and the hempSMART Products & Opportunity can change your life

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]


HempSmart CBD Presentation

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]


HempSMART’s unique CBD based products are revolutionising personal and planetary health. These groundbreaking formulations are raising the bar for how we care for ourselves, our families, our pets, and our planet.


Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: What’s in a Name?

Every day, more people are experiencing the health enhancing benefits of certain herbs and botanicals. Science is demonstrating the therapeutic qualities of many natural plant compounds, many of which have been used for thousands of years. But, consumer beware! Not all “natural” products are safe or effective.


[caption id="attachment_1138" align="aligncenter" width="800"]hempSMART hempSMART[/caption]

HempSMART’s unique CBD based products are revolutionising personal and planetary health. These groundbreaking formulations are raising the bar for how we care for ourselves, our families, our pets, and our planet.


Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: What’s in a Name?

Every day, more people are experiencing the health enhancing benefits of certain herbs and botanicals. Science is demonstrating the therapeutic qualities of many natural plant compounds, many of which have been used for thousands of years. But, consumer beware! Not all “natural” products are safe or effective.



CBD is een natuurlijke, therapeutische optie die in harmonie met je lichaam samenwerkt, niet ertegen.

CBD Kopen

CBD producten

De beste versie van jezelf zijn, is niet altijd eenvoudig, maar CBD olie helpt daarbij. CBD is een natuurlijke, therapeutische optie die in harmonie met je lichaam samenwerkt, niet ertegen.


Op basis van biologisch geteelde hennep verwerken we alles met geavanceerde apparatuur en deskundigheid. We helpen je zelfs bepalen welke olie voor jou geschikt is. Koop je CBD Olie vandaag nog. Het is eenvoudiger dan je denkt om het meeste uit je leven te halen.



Banner Schwazkümmelöl

CBD Mediwiet THC Seeds oil




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CBD boeken

Het laden duurt soms even…..

CBD natural without THC

Organic CBD oil CBD oil
Organic CBD oil

Bergman’s Organic CBD oil

Want all-natural relief with little to no side effects? Unlike THC, CBD barely induces a cerebral high, while still offering many of the benefits cannabis growers love. Perfect for those times when you don’t want or can’t have THC, this concentrated oil is trusted…

















































































Spring Sale

Today is a special day, as I’ve launched our first sale of this year:


To celebrate the new season, I offer an irresistible selection of strains with a great deal: You get 10 seeds for free, when you buy 10.

I’ve selected a nice mix of Sativa and Indica seeds for this sale. So all you growers can get a great deal on your favorite seeds or you can try something new

Different types of marijuana

Different types of marijuana

Different types of marijuana

I will be talking about the differences between the Indica, Sativa and Hybrid cannabis types. They’re all marijuana but the differences are huge. Not only in appearance but also in growing needs, smell, taste, high and medicinal qualities. Here are some main differences between the three main types.
Also make sure to check the article “Different types of marijuana” to see what type you prefer!

Perfect for growing outdoor.May help with ADD and depression. Energetic, euphoric effect. Sativa’s mostly grow very tall. An artists’ favorite because it helps free flowing creativity.
Perfect for growing indoor. Looks bushy and has wide leaves. Helps with anxiety, insomnia and pains for example. Relaxing, couch-locking effect. Mostly has a strong sweet or sour scent.
Has a pretty short stature growing between 20-25 inches in height. This plant has very thick foliage. Hardly contains THC. Its genetic material is used for breeding autoflowers.

Different types of marijuana


My favorite strain for each type

Outdoor Mixpack
Super Silver Haze
For a great mind high I tend to favor this strain. And I just love seeing that thick layer of white crystals on those flowers!
Outdoor Mixpack
Super Skunk

One of the most well-known strains in the world. This plant is really strong, perfect for beginners!

Outdoor Mixpack
White Widow

White Widow has been an Amsterdam staple since the 1990’s and it’s still a classic! My love is strong for this one!

Strains of marijuana that are unusually high in CBD can be useful for people suffering from epilepsy and seizures.

Hi there,

In this day and age, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that marijuana has some amazing medical benefits. 
The problem is, every state with legal medical marijuana makes their own determination about which conditions can be treated, so it’s hard to know exactly which conditions can benefit from it. 
Here are some that states agree on:

  1. Epilepsy
  2. Cancer & chemotherapy
  3. Migraines
  5. Menstrual cramps
  6. Chronic inflammation
  7. Asthma
  8. Nausea
  9. Glaucoma
  10. Anxiety
  11. Hepatitis C
  12. Arthritis
  13. PTSD
  14. Chronic pain
  15. Rheumatism
  16. Depression
  17. Appetite
  18. ADHD
  19. Alcoholism and drug dependency

While many conditions are treatable, a few stand out. They include: 


Staggering numbers of Americans are suffering from arthritis, and it causes not only pain but also disability. Arthritis impacts millions (50 million, actually) Americans in their daily lives. Luckily, marijuana can help quite a bit — without the negative side effects of other types of medicines.

Learn more about medical marijuana for arthritis here.

Alcoholism and drug addiction

Millions of people suffer from alcoholism and/or drug addiction in the United States. Medical marijuana can be used to help in the recovery of these individuals as well as to reduce suffering. Use it to treat the symptoms of withdrawal (when a person goes “cold turkey”) and help heal, find relief, and move on.
More on medical marijuana, alcoholism and drug addiction here.

CBD as treatment

Strains of marijuana that are unusually high in CBD can be useful for people suffering from epilepsy and seizures. One particular strain helped a girl, Charlotte, with her seizures after trying out all the different options — and that strain was known as “Charlotte’s Web” from then on.
There is plenty of scientific evidence to support the fact that CBD helps with seizures caused by epilepsy and it isn’t the only thing CBD is good for. It’s so useful I carry it as a standalone item in my store. If you haven’t experienced the healing effects of CBD oil, now is the time.

Ofcourse, you can also buy strains that are well-known for its high CBD. I can recommend these strains for medical use.

Outdoor Mixpack
California Dream
Outdoor Mixpack


Outdoor Mixpack

stemm splitting technique getting-the-most-out-of-your-marijuana-plants

 Have you ever heard of the stem splitting trick

This is a fascinating technique that helps your plants make bigger and badder buds that will blow your mind.

Essentially, stem splitting involves chopping a hole in the stem (make sure you know what you’re doing before just jumping in) and then allowing that hole to remain open, causing the plant to “freak out” and overproduce THC and trichomes (which is, obviously, a very good thing).

How it works

Stem splitting is all about increasing the levels of THC in your marijuana plant.

When your plant undergoes a specific type of stress, it reacts accordingly. In this case, you are messing with the flow of nutrients and water as it tries to make its way up the stem. That causes your plant to produce extra trichomes and THC, which means better and denser buds.

If you’re not familiar with trichomes, you should know that they are essential. They are where the glorious cannabinoids (such as THC) are made. Therefore, the more trichomes, the better. 

How to do it

You will need the following items to successfully perform the stem splitting technique:

●     Knife (very sharp and sterilized)
●     Ties or rope (2)

●     Pencil, chopstick, or another similar object


It is simple in concept but tricky in practice, so it’s a good idea to practice on just one marijuana plant at a time (per grow season) until you are confident you’ve got the hang of it.

If done wrong, it can end up doing more harm than good. So, make sure you are willing to sacrifice one marijuana plant in the name of the greater good before jumping in!

Ready to get started? Go here to learn how to do the stem splitting technique.

Strains with high THC
A few strains are well-known for their high levels of THC, which makes them even more perfect for these techniques.
Outdoor Mixpack
Skywalker OG
Outdoor Mixpack
Outdoor Mixpack




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Grow Marijuana Yourself KWEEK JE EIGEN WIET

bergmans lab

Kweek je eigen Wiet:

bergman van zaad toot bloem 2

  • toetreden

    Abonneer u op de online cursus en word een MEMBER van Bergman’s Lab en kweek je eigen wiet. Als lid krijg je privé toegang tot mijn 20 jaar ervaring in het kweken van marihuana. Begin met het volgen van de gratis videocursus. Het leuk vinden? Meld je aan het einde van de cursus aan en word lid van mijn geheime team van elite marihuanatelers.

  • Volg de cursus

    Mijn online marihuana kweekcursus begeleidt je stap voor stap door je hele groeicyclus. Als een beginner kun je gewoon de stappen volgen. Als je al wat ervaring hebt en een aantal kweken onder de riem hebt, dan is de expertinformatie iets voor jou. Volg een van de vele gedetailleerde secties die u ECHT diep in de marihuanaplant brengen.

  • Kweek je eigen Wiet

    Klaar met de cursus? Dan heb je je eigen wiet laten groeien. Neem een ​​paar zakken gevuld met verse marihuana mee naar huis. Of het nu recreatief of medisch gebruik is, het is allemaal van u. Je hebt zelf de kwaliteit guaraneteed, dus er zijn geen insecticiden, sprays of andere vervelende dingen om je zorgen over te maken.

  • Persoonlijke ondersteuning

    Ons personeel van deskundige telers staat klaar om u te ondersteunen tijdens uw groei en u kunt deelnemen aan collega-telers op het platform van de privécommunity. Vraag naar de nieuwste tips en trucs en bespreek praktische tips om je kweektechnieken naar een nog hoger niveau te tillen!

Van zaad tot bloem


How to double your harvest with autoflowering plants

Have you ever wished you could grow outdoor marijuana plants more than once per year? Well, you’re in luck because you totally can!

All you have to do is grow autoflowering marijuana plants rather than photosensitive ones.

If you plant the first batch early enough in the year, then harvest them and plant a second one during the middle of the summer, you can accomplish two harvests in the span of one grow season!

That’s right, folks, that means double the harvest (in theory at least).

And as a bonus, they’re really easy to grow!

Are you excited?

Check out some of our most popular autoflowering plants:

bubblegum auto
Check it out
Blueberry auto
Check it out
Cheese auto

What is an autoflowering marijuana plant?

Most marijuana plants are photosensitive (or photoperiod) plants. That means that their life cycle changes are based on the changes in lighting caused by the sun. Once they start getting a certain amount of uninterrupted darkness, they will begin to enter the flowering phase. This is their way of sticking with the seasons and flowering before it gets too cold for them to survive.

It used to be that autoflowering plants were always ruderalis strains (which are low in THC). They weren’t popular with the general marijuana crowd for obvious reasons, but once they were cross-bred with indica and sativa strains (high in THC), they created the autoflowering beauties we now see today.

What’s with the hype?

There are tons of reasons why everyone is excited about autoflowering marijuana plants. They include (but are not limited to):

  • Smaller in size (my nephew has a couple in his windowsill)
  • Fast growing
  • Great resistant to pests and diseases
  • Shorter grow season (ready to harvest in 10 weeks)

Check out the way autoflowers grow!

Have you ever seen an autoflowering marijuana plant grow? It’s known for its fast growing. We got an awesome timelapse where you can see a little one come up!

What you need to know about autoflowers

The main thing to consider is the fact that no two strains of autoflowering marijuana plants are the same.

Simply ordering “autoflowering” plants is not going to cut it — you’re still going to have to do your research.

The main thing to know about autoflowers is that their lifespan is shorter. So, it’s extra important to start out strong with the grow season because there is less time to compensate for a slow start. That means you should give your seedlings a lot of love!

If your first harvest is disappointing, just remember that you have a second try! In fact, your second grow cycle may be better mid-summer because they’ll get more sun right off the bat.

Find out more about autoflowering marijuana plants here.

And be sure to get your seeds now for your second round of autoflowers this season!

Memorial day summer growing marijuana outdoors

It’s Memorial Day, which means it’s almost time for summer!

Have you been thinking about growing marijuana outdoors, but kept forgetting to buy your seeds? 

Well, you are almost out of time…

It’s okay, I’ve got a few quick flowering strains that some of you can still grow (if you hurry), and I’ve discounted them! 

OG Kush
OG Kush
Cheese auto
Happy growing,
Robert Bergman
I Love Growing Marijuana

P.S. Need to know if you still have time where you live? Read my outdoor grow calendar. Or go ahead and order your seeds here.

Why some growers get higher yields than others?

Have you ever thought about how some growers get higher yields than others?

Do they…

  1. Simply invest a bunch of money into equipment for their plants to be pampered enough to grow huge, juicy buds?

  2. Or do they invest in really high-quality seeds from a reputable source, with excellent genetics?

Well, folks, I’m here to tell you it’s a little of both. Nature and nurture both play a huge role in the health and success of your marijuana plants.

Many growers will tell you that genetics are everything in growing marijuana, but if you completely neglect your plants during their lives, then there’s only so much genetics can do. So both are crucial!

Under the right circumstances these flowers’ genetics can even turn them purple!

Blackberry Kush
Granddaddy Purple


Buying high-quality seeds is not always a simple task. Often individual seeds can vary even within one specific strain, making it tricky to predict exactly what those little guys are going to do during the grow season. Your actual care of the plants is what makes a big difference.

Of course, if you personally witnessed the plant that gave you the seeds you’re now growing you can predict some things. But, this is the only way to get a specific idea of what kind of plant you’ll end up with. This is why your best plant is the one you should clone or seed — it ensures a high-quality grow season next time around.


But you’re going to need to do more than just plant your seeds and hope for the best if you want a high yield. Do the research, or that first yield probably won’t get as high as you’d like.

But this is common so expect future seasons to get better and better!

There are nearly always roadblocks that come up when you are growing marijuana (or any plant, for that matter), and every obstacle slows down the growth and therefore lessens the yield.

However, you can help prepare your plants by strengthening them to make sure they grow to their full potential.

Go here to learn more how to impact nature & nurture in your marijuana plants.

GROWERS : You can yield the most buds once you understand nature and nurture. So, read up now to benefit later!

Robert Bergman
I Love Growing Marijuana
PS. If you haven’t already, be sure to get your seeds germinated a.s.a.p. if you want to grow them outside this season! Our mixpacks are some of the best deals out there so be sure to check them out.

THC-niveau en genetica als basis voor selectie van de zaden

THC-niveau en genetica als basis voor selectie van de zaden

  • Wat is THC

  • Weten wat je groeit

  • Het belang van genetica

  • Hoe bewaar je marihuanazaden

  • Wat is Sinsemilla

Marihuana is natuurlijk het best bekend voor de effecten ervan op mensen wanneer zij het roken. Dus waar komt dit hoge effect vandaan? En hoe zorg je ervoor dat de kwaliteit van je marihuana zo goed mogelijk is?

Het begint allemaal met het kiezen van de juiste zaden. Je moet volledig begrijpen hoe je je marihuana precies kunt laten groeien en wat voor soort genetica de beste is.

Wanneer je een bijzonder goede soort of goed seizoen hebt met marihuanagroei, wil je waarschijnlijk zaden opslaan voor dat specifieke type cannabis, zodat je later hetzelfde soort succes kunt ervaren. In dit artikel bespreken we de basis van het selecteren van de juiste zaden. Blijf lezen.

Wat is THC

wat is thc

THC, een term die gewoonlijk verwijst naar Delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol , is het ingrediënt in marihuana dat de primaire oorzaak is van het gevoel van high dat rokers voelen. Dit is om twee redenen een beetje misleidend. Ten eerste zijn er sommige soorten THC die niet precies hetzelfde zijn als Delta-9, zoals Delta-8. Ten tweede is THC niet de enige chemische stof die verantwoordelijk is voor de high. Andere verbindingen dragen bij aan het gevoel – deze chemicaliën worden cannabinoïden genoemd. Cannabinoïden omvatten elke verschillende variatie van THC, en ze vormen de psychoactieve ingrediënten die leiden tot een hoog gevoel.

Marihuana bestaat in het algemeen uit één tot zes procent THC (Delta-9) en ook uit andere chemicaliën. Alle andere chemicaliën worden meestal gemaakt door chemische ontsteking in plaats van verdamping.

Download mijn  gratis marihuana-kweekgids  voor meer kweektips

Het lastige van marihuana is dat niemand echt kan zeggen wat de juiste combinatie is om de beste of beste high te bereiken. Zelfs wetenschappers zijn niet in staat om erachter te komen welke combinatie van cannabinoïden de krachtigste combinatie is. Een deel van de reden hiervoor is dat het ervaren gevoel van high van marihuana niet extern gemeten kan worden – het kan alleen worden beschreven door de persoon die het ervaart. Dit maakt het bewijs over correlaties tussen verschillende combinaties van chemicaliën en typen of de sterkte van hoogtepunten zeer subjectief.

De ervaring is ook verschillend voor elke persoon, zelfs als ze dezelfde hoeveelheid van dezelfde plant nemen als iemand anders. Elke mix van emoties (meestal euforie, opgetogenheid, paranoia, slaperigheid of helderheid van denken) kan worden gevoeld door verschillende mensen die precies hetzelfde aantal en soort wiet in nemen.

Weten wat je groeit

Weet welke cannabis je groeit

Dus hoe beïnvloedt deze informatie jou, als de teler? Als je het aan een tuinman of boer vraagt, zullen ze je vertellen dat het groeien van planten van elke soort veel meer inhoudt dan een zaad in de grond gooien en het water geven. Om met succes uw gewenste opbrengst aan cannabis te bereiken , is een veel groter begrip en betrokkenheid vereist. Wees niet verbaasd als je eerste opbrengst niet zo groot is als je had gepland – dit is normaal, en je zult steeds beter en beter worden.

Vooral als je niets zo veel hebt gedaan als het kweken van kamerplanten of bloemen op je vensterbank, zul je eerst wat onvoorziene problemen hebben. Blijf gewoon doorgaan en binnen een paar groeiseizoenen word je een expert. Hoewel onderzoek en voorbereiding een groot verschil maken, kan het alleen zo ver gaan zonder echte hands-on ervaring.

Het kweken van je eigen wiet is een uiterst bevredigende ervaring. Het zal een beetje vallen en opstaan ​​en je zult een aantal onvermijdelijke mislukkingen moeten overwinnen; maar als je eindelijk slaagt, zal het nog meer lonend zijn. Wanneer u uw voorraad onkruid in de vriezer ziet, zult u trots zijn. Wanneer je je eigen marihuana rookt, zul je je veilig en tevreden voelen, precies weten wat je in je lichaam stopt en waar het vandaan komt. Laat je dus niet ontmoedigen!

Als je op zoek bent naar de beste genetica, check dan mijn marihuanazaadwinkel

Elke fase van uw cannabisgroei zal nieuwe uitdagingen met zich meebrengen. Er zullen onderweg tal van bedreigingen opduiken, waarvan sommige u niet kunnen voorbereiden. Een voorbeeld is wanneer u uw plant wilt transplanteren. Het is altijd een risicovol proces omdat het je plant kan choqueren en misschien zelfs kan doden, maar toch zal het waarschijnlijk een of meerdere keren nodig zijn in het leven van elke cannabisplant.

Een ander mogelijk gevolg van het voor het eerst kweken van marihuana is per ongeluk het verkeerde geslacht van de plant laten groeien, waardoor je planten in de plaats komen van zaad in plaats van bloemproductie.

Door dit artikel, samen met andere, te lezen, kunt u de risico’s aanzienlijk verlagen. We willen u helpen voorkomen dat u tijd en geld verspilt aan een mislukte poging. We zullen je helpen om je einddoel sneller en vlekkeloos te bereiken: een hoge opbrengst behalen en marihuana oogsten.

Het belang van genetica

Genetica cannabiszaden

De beste wiet komt van de beste genen. Je kent het soort: het ruikt heerlijk, smaakt erg smaakvol en is zeer krachtig. Je moet de beste genen vinden om superieure marihuana te kweken. Dit is echter ingewikkelder dan simpelweg het vinden en kopen van hoogwaardige zaden. Er is nog steeds een grote hoeveelheid variatie van zaad tot zaad, zelfs binnen dezelfde stam. Veel hangt af van de omgeving waarin het wordt gekweekt en de zorg die u hebt bij het opvoeden van uw planten.

Tenzij je al bekend bent met de volwassen planten waar je zaden of klonen uit zijn gehaald, is het groeien van marihuana onvermijdelijk onvoorspelbaar. Daarom is het vooral belangrijk om je plant van de beste kwaliteit te zaaien of te klonen, omdat je daardoor de kwaliteit van de volgende oogst kunt garanderen.

Download mijn  gratis marihuana-kweekgids  voor meer kweektips

Dit is waarom mensen een paar jaar mee betere resultaten zullen hebben met hun oogst. Ze kiezen vaak hun beste cannabisplanten uit een enkele soort, dus nemen ze die zaden voor de oogst van het volgende seizoen. Ze hebben een beter begrip van de plant waar het vandaan komt en kunnen daarom ook hun eigen zorg voor hetzelfde type plant verbeteren. Lees het artikel Best Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Hoe bewaar je marihuanazaden

Sinsemilla bud

Zoals met de meeste plantenzaden van welke soort dan ook, gaan marihuanazaden het langst mee als ze op een koele, droge plaats in een gesloten bak worden bewaard. Vergeet niet om uw containers nauwkeurig te labelen. Omdat cannabiszaden behoorlijk lang meegaan als ze correct worden bewaard – de lengte van meerdere groeiseizoenen – is het gemakkelijk om te vergeten welke zaden in welke container na een paar maanden zitten. Het is ook een goed idee om de datum op uw label op te nemen. Naarmate je enkele jaren ervaring opdoet, kun je je realiseren dat zaden uit een bepaald jaar beter presteren en beter wiet produceren dan zaden uit andere jaren.

Als u de zaden nog langer wilt bewaren, kunt u ze gedurende twee jaar of zelfs langer invriezen. Het is echter belangrijk op te merken dat een volledig succes van deze zaden niet te verwachten is, dus er wordt altijd een risico genomen wanneer u zaden voor een langere periode wilt bewaren.

Of het nu gaat om slechte opslag of om een ​​andere reden, marihuanazaden zullen af ​​en toe niet ontkiemen of groeien. Dit kan veroorzaakt zijn door jou of een aantal externe factoren. Dit is waarom je moet proberen je zaadjes te testen voordat je ze plant, om er zeker van te zijn dat ze goed zullen werken. Doe dit enkele weken van tevoren wanneer u van plan bent om in eerste instantie te planten, om het meeste uit uw kostbare groeiseizoen te halen.

Uitzoeken welke zaden niet gaan werken is geen rocket science. Groene of witte zaden zijn waarschijnlijk te onrijp om te ontkiemen, net als zeer zachte zaden. Als je gemakkelijk een zaadje met je vingers kunt pletten, zullen ze waarschijnlijk niet langer kiemend zijn.

Download mijn  gratis marihuana-kweekgids  voor meer kweektips

Er zijn twee methoden om zaden te testen die meestal nauwkeurig zijn: zaadjes splitsen en zaadjes planten. Voor de splitsmethode; kies een wasachtig, donker zaad en splits het eenvoudig open. Controleer of er een groene schil en een witte substantie in zit.

Kies voor de plantmethode een paar zaden en plaats deze in een halve centimeter vuil in een klein kopje. Week ze in warm water. Laat het kopje ongeveer een week in een omgeving met kamertemperatuur staan ​​en kijk of er zaailingen zijn verschenen. Als ze dat doen, zullen deze zaden hoogstwaarschijnlijk succesvol zijn in het produceren van gezonde marihuanaplanten .

Bij twijfel, ga in het algemeen voor bruine, mollige, wasachtige zaden in plaats van degenen die bijzonder bleek of donker zijn. Dat gezegd hebbende, onthoud dat de andere zaden er niet in zullen slagen om te ontkiemen en te groeien. Marihuana wordt met een reden “wiet” genoemd; als wiet vliegt het vrij goed in het wild, dus zaden die uiteindelijk verspreid liggen, zullen een vierde tot bijna de helft van de tijd groeien.

Wat is Sinsemilla

Sinsemilla bud

Als je helemaal met de wietindustrie te maken hebt, heb je waarschijnlijk eerder de term ‘sinsemilla’ gehoord. Je weet waarschijnlijk wel dat dit betekent dat het echt marihuana van hoge kwaliteit is. Maar weet je waar de term vandaan komt?

“Sinsemilla” is een Spaans woord dat letterlijk vertaald wordt naar “zonder zaad.” Het wordt gebruikt als een naam voor vrouwelijke cannabisplanten die volwassen worden zonder bevrucht te worden met mannelijk stuifmeel. Het kweken van sinsemilla-marihuana buiten is bijna onmogelijk, omdat je vrouwelijke planten tot op anderhalve kilometer van de mannelijke planten kunnen worden bestoven! Het risico is er ook omdat je de planten verkeerd zou kunnen sexen, of gewoon kunt wachten tot het te laat is om de mannetjes te scheiden van de rest van het marihuana-gewas.

Dus waarom zou je willen voorkomen dat je vrouwelijke marihuanaplanten bestuift ? Bestuiving betekent dat de planten hun kostbare energie gebruiken voor het maken van zaden in plaats van bloemen. Dit is geëvolueerd door natuurlijke selectie. Omdat een plant die meer zaden produceert waarschijnlijk veel toekomstige planten zal reproduceren, waardoor deze functie wordt doorgegeven. Hoewel dit een gunstige eigenschap is voor het overleven van marihuana, is het niet precies wat rokers zoeken in een onkruidplant.

Sinsemilla-marihuana, die nooit is bestoven, produceert meestal een knop die harsachtiger is omdat er geen zaadjes zijn om het waardevolle bloeigebied over te nemen.

Het produceren van zaden is echter niet alleen slecht voor de roker. Als een gewas bijzonder lekker of krachtig is, is het uiterst belangrijk om die planten wat zaden te laten produceren. Bewaar deze zaden op de juiste manier en etiketteer ze nauwkeurig, zodat u weloverwogen beslissingen kunt nemen over welke zaden de beste oogst produceerden en welke zaden beter kunnen worden vermeden. Je kunt dan zaden gebruiken die grote planten of sterke, zoete toppen produceren voor een toekomstig groeiseizoen. Wanneer je je goede zaden plant, zorg er dan voor dat je ze extra voorzichtig behandelt, want ze zijn je beste gok voor het oogsten van het beste product met THC.


Hydroponics  a common way to up your plants’ yields

You’ve probably heard of hydroponics before; it’s a common way to up your plants’ yields.

It’s easy to have a successful marijuana harvest without jumping through any extra hoops.

However, it can be super-duper successful if you invest a little more time and money by using a hydroponics setup.

Even though it takes an extra bit of time and money (and a steeper learning curve), plants that are grown hydroponically can end up with much higher yields and a higher return on your overall investment. You can control every aspect to ensure that your plants have the most ideal environment.

Just be sure to start with high-quality seeds, check out these awesome strains:

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Grow medium

First, you need to choose your hydroponic grow medium. These can include:

  • Rockwool
  • Clay pellets
  • Coconut fiber
  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite

Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Your plant will sit in this growing medium, with the roots sitting in the water below. Be sure to do your research on each one before choosing one!

Hydroponic systems

There are different hydroponics systems out there. These are just some examples:

A passive system involves a pot being filled with a substrate, and then nylon gauze or something similar is placed in the substrate to help retain the solution as well as drain and distribute it. A static system is simple and cheap, but has the highest risk of damaging your plants’ roots. This is simply because the water isn’t circulating by itself. It is a good choice nonetheless for people who want to try out hydroponics for the first time.

Open circuit systems are the most expensive and are not recommended for small grows, but they are powerful and effective. They use a lot of fertilization (and therefore waste) and are most commonly used by commercial growers that are cultivating a large number of plants.

Closed circuit systems involve a nutrient solution cycling through the roots of plants. They are then collected in a trough at the end. It is a much less wasteful system that is also easier on the wallet.

Ebb and flow systems, on the other hand, involve flooding your plants’ roots with the nutrient solution and then letting it go back down. It’s best used when attached to an automated system.

pH and EC

In hydroponics systems, pH and EC levels are extremely important. Your setup should probably be somewhere between 5 and 6, with the exact number depending on what stage of growth your plants are currently in. Be sure to stay on top of your pH level. The EC (electric conductance) is also important; keep it somewhere between 0.8 and 2.0 (depending on the stage of growth).

However, it can be super-duper successful if you invest a little more time and money by using a hydroponics setup.

420: How “Weed Day” Got Its Famous Name

420: How “Weed Day” Got Its Famous Name

420: How “Weed Day” Got Its Famous Name

In this article we will cover:

  • Where does 420 really come from?
  • The true story of 420
  • What’s next?
  • The meaning of 420 nowadays?

There are all sorts of myths and legends about the name of the international day of celebrating marijuana. The answer varies, according to who you ask. Some might insist that it’s related to Hitler’s birthday. While others point to Bob Dylan’s multiplication of those numbers. Or maybe it really does come from the total number of active chemical compounds found in marijuana. Or, perhaps, the official “tea time” in the Netherlands.
super lemon haze CBDmedieiet


Where does 420 really come from?

Where does 420 really come from

The truth is that the term comes from San Rafael, California, where five high school friends (known as “the Waldos,” because they hung out at a wall by their school) came up with the name in 1971. Of course, they never could have known that it would become so well known throughout the world in a matter of years.

Now, April 20th is celebrated internationally, whether or not marijuana consumption is legal. Of course, officials and authorities are well aware of this celebration, and generally do everything in their power to stop it from happening. Whether it is flyers that contain condemning messages and guilt trips, or actual official crackdowns, it’s easy to see that officials are not exactly fans of the popular April 20th celebrations.

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Nevertheless, students and non-students, young and old will come together on April 20th at 4:20 in the afternoon, to light up and enjoy the local community of marijuana lovers. Let’s take a closer look at the influence of 420 in pop culture, and other parts of society, and where it actually came from in the first place.

Where else do we see 420?
You would be surprised at how many references to 420 are in mainstream media. In the movie Pulp Fiction, for example, the clocks in the background often have the time set to 4:20. One person became famous on YouTube for competing on The Price is Right, and using only $420 or $1420 for all their guesses. Even the bill in California that was codified in 2003 to allow medical marijuana was called “SB 420,” although it is a mystery how exactly it ended up with such a fitting number.

weed cbdmediwiet

In 1995, Cannabis Action Network held the first 4/20 Ball in San Francisco. It fittingly starts and finishes at 4:20. In the movie Lost in Translation, all the clocks were also set to 4:20.

Some people advertising for roommates request “420 friendly” ones in hopes of connecting with fellow marijuana smokers. Hidden in plain sight, the code is discreet to the uninitiated and obvious to those who care. Generally speaking, the stories revolving around 420 have been in large part a total mystery—until very recently.

What is the true story of 420?

What is the true story of 420

According to the Waldos, the story of 420 begins one autumn day in 1971. The five friends had heard of someone – a service member for the Coast Guard, no less – who had been growing marijuana outside, along the Point Reyes Peninsula Coast Guard station, and was no longer able to take care of the wild crop. The Waldos had come across a hand-drawn map leading to the plants and therefore decided to go looking for it, in the hopes of finding a few free buds.

They planned to meet the next day after their sports practice, at a statue at 4:20 pm. The statue was of Louis Pasteur, so when they reminded each other in the halls at school to meet there at that time, they would simply say “4:20-Louis.” Eventually, it just became “4:20.”

They searched for days and days. They never had success finding the wild marijuana crop, but they often ended up just smoking marijuana together, and having a great time. They also inadvertently established a new code word that, at that time, only they understood.

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For weeks, the friends met at 4:20. Eventually, they began saying “4:20” to each other to mean other things, such as, “Do you want to go smoke?” or “Do you have any pot?” or “Are you stoned?” One simple term for so many phrases, and yet the boys always knew exactly what the other one was saying. They could say it in front of teachers or parents this way, making it a very useful, secret code word.

How did the truth come out?
Because marijuana was illegal, and still shrouded in taboo and deception back in 1971, it’s a bit surprising that the true story ever came out at all. But times change and nearly half of the American population in 2012 supported the legalization of marijuana. In other words, it has become more mainstream, and less of a social stigma, to be someone who enjoys smoking marijuana. Three of the culprits responsible for the “420” term were finally willing to be exposed, so they began to tell their story.

The spread of “420.”
The big question that still remained, however, was how the term went from being a private code word used by some high school friends, to becoming the internationally recognized term for marijuana. It was widely popularized by the band, the Grateful Dead.

They were previously based in San Francisco, but the atmosphere began to change, and the hippie heaven of the late 1960’s just wasn’t what it once was. The band decided to move to a place just a few blocks away from San Rafael High School — the same place the Waldos went.

Quickly, the Waldos had formed their own connections with the band. One of the Waldos had a father who was a real estate agent for the Grateful Dead. Another Waldo had an older brother who had befriended the Grateful Dead’s bass player, and those two smoked together often. The brother, who was also familiar with the term “420,” now admits he must have used the term around the Grateful Dead’s bassist once or twice.

Because of all their connections to the band, the Waldos themselves had plenty of contact with its members. They were at the parties, the rehearsals, and backstage during performances. Their term stuck wherever they went, and wherever they smoked. When one of the Waldos even passed a joint, they used the phrase “420.” Before long, the community that surrounded the band had been exposed to the term multiple times. It began to spread, or as we’d say today, “went viral.” There were soon flyers for parties that included the term “420,” and one of these flyers was responsible for getting the term’s global exposure in 1990 and 1991.

Indeed, even the Grateful Dead bass player, Phil Lesh, acknowledges today that Patrick Reddix (the brother of one of the Waldos) was a good friend. Although he doesn’t remember exactly where the term started, he did say that he wouldn’t be surprised if it came from him and his brother’s friends.

As the Grateful Dead continued to tour during their most successful years in the 1970s and 1980s, the term kept spreading. It remained relatively exclusive to the United States until the magazine High Times took it internationally.

The magazine learned about the term through one of the party flyers with “420” on it in 1990. High Times then began using it as a theme for just about everything, starting in 1991. Any of their big events (such as “the World Hemp Expo Extravaganza” and the “Cannabis Cup”) had 420 as its central theme, giving the term consistent publicity until it was truly a mainstream term used around the world. When the Internet came about, High Timesbought the domain name, “”

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It wasn’t until the beginning of the 1990s that the Waldos learned that 420 was just about everywhere. They heard it being used in faraway states, and even in Canada. They saw it in graffiti, and other vandalism. They realized that it was now a commonly used term, but with the wrong idea about where it came from.

High Times had been telling people the interesting-sounding story that the number 420 was actually the San Rafael police code for “marijuana smoking in progress.” While they had gotten the location right, they certainly had not been telling an accurate story. The Waldos decided to take action.

In 1998, they contacted the High Times and pointed out that no California police code uses 420, and asked them if they had ever looked it up. When the editor had to admit that he had not looked it up, he went out to meet the Waldos in San Rafael to see their evidence and hear the stories of other locals. Eventually, he realized they had indeed coined the term. He now readily confirms that there is no other evidence of the term being used anywhere before 1971, so the Waldos simply have to be given credit for it.

In 1998, the High Times published their first story about the true origin of 420. Seven years had passed since their first story was published that incorrectly described 420 as a police code for “marijuana smoking in progress.”

What evidence?
The Waldos were indeed able to give evidence to the High Times editor to prove their role in the 420 term. This evidence now sits safely in a San Francisco bank vault, although it has come to light more than once to provide proof for their claim. Inside the vault lies a stitched flag with “420” on it that was made by a high school classmate. There is also a clipping from the school newspaper featuring a quote from one of the students there who said, if given the chance to speak in front of his graduating class, he would just want to say “4-20.” And, in a letter from 1975 between two of the Waldos, 420 is referenced time and time again. In short, it is pretty convincing evidence.

So what’s next?

The waldos 420 forfathersThe Waldos have achieved unexpected success in their clever coining of the 420 phrase. They never would have expected it to become so widespread, and commonly known throughout the country, and the entire world!

They pointed out that they have earned no money from the term. This fact seems to both bother them and make them proud. Their friends still brag about knowing the guys who started 420. High Times even flew one of them out to Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup several years ago.

They have considered making a documentary about their story, and perhaps releasing a dictionary of sorts that would explain the rest of the clever terms and slang they used during their high school days.

These days, the Waldos don’t smoke like they used to. They are now middle-aged men with careers and businesses, so they need their wits about them. One of them is even convinced that people who smoke all the time will have a “karmic cost” from doing too much of it, as something always seems to be going wrong in those people’s lives.

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Regardless of what happens next, at least one of the Waldos claims he wants “One of the 420 guys” written on his headstone upon his death. It is safe to say that the Waldos are excited about their success. And why shouldn’t they be? They have had plenty of fun with it, including a 2002 reunion at the High Times Doobie Awards in New York City. There they got to present a lifetime achievement award to their favorite band – not the Grateful Dead, but the New Riders of the Purple Sage.

Unexpected claims
There was one other group of boys at San Rafael that tried to claim they had, in fact, invented the term 420. Their story was published by another marijuana magazine, 420 Magazine, but the Waldos never backed down. They are, after all, the only people with genuine evidence that reflect their claim. There is little support for the rival group, and now the story of the Waldos is generally accepted amongst the marijuana community.

What does 420 mean today?

What does 420 mean today- 420 festival

There are a lot of uses for the term these days, although it is safe to say it is more than just a time or a calendar date. Generally speaking, it refers to a high state of mind. It is just as popular a term today, as it was in the ‘70s, ‘90s and even still today. There are always more stories about various shenanigans that occur because of 420.

A mile marker in Colorado, for example, has had its run of mischief. It (of course) marks 420 miles on the Interstate 70 highway, and it was stolen time and time again. Finally, presumably out of complete exasperation, the sign was replaced in 2014 with a sign saying “419.99” instead, much to either the disappointment or perhaps the utter glee of the local marijuana community. For precision’s sake, the new sign is in fact located a good fifty feet away from where the old one stood.

In Colorado after the legalization of recreational marijuana, April 20th was used as a type of celebration of this new freedom for marijuana users. It may have been the largest 420 celebration to date. Perhaps there will be more great news in the legalization movement that will cause even bigger celebrations to come.

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Growing Bigger Buds with Marijuana Booster
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fertilizers consists of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). On most fertilizers, there
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For the most part, you’ll want a fertilizer with a higher concentration of nitrogen during
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Ideal Temperature For Marijuana Plants

The temperature in your grow room is very important for the photosynthesis of your marijuana plants. For example, low temperatures reduces evaporation through the leaves. The result is that the suction force, which takes up nutrients via the roots, becomes smaller.

Ideal Temperature For Marijuana Plants

The temperature in your grow room is very important for the photosynthesis of your marijuana plants. For example, low temperatures reduces evaporation through the leaves. The result is that the suction force, which takes up nutrients via the roots, becomes smaller.

The nutrients that are necessary, but aren’t absorbed, remain in the growing medium and eventually disintegrates in the root environment. A high acidity in the growing medium reduces the working of the roots which makes the plant absorbs less water and nutrients, and the growth can even come to a halt.

So what posed as a small external imperfection at first, can have serious consequences in an entirely different part of the plant. Therefore it’s very important to create a good climate in your grow room. Read this article and you know everything there is to know about temperature & marijuana.

And please share your knowledge or ask questions in the comments below.


Effects on the plant

A plant’s temperature is vital to their health, but unfortunately, unlike animals and humans, plants cannot create their own heat. Instead, your marijuana plant will be entirely dependent on its environment.

A plant’s temperature develops from a combination of external light, external temperature, and the amount of evaporation. A plant’s exact temperature is not something you can read on a thermometer, but it is a definite measure of health.

One example of how temperature can affect the overall health of your plants is the process of photosynthesis. To a certain degree, photosynthesis is not affected by temperature – it can safely occur at 60ºF (15ºC) or 85ºF (30ºC). Regardless of the temperature, your plant will still be able to produce enough sugar.

How does photosynthesis works cannabis?

How does photosynthesis works?

Temperature becomes a factor when your plant needs to send those sugars to the places they’re needed. Sugar doesn’t move as well when it’s less than 68ºF (20ºC). In fact, the sugars will get stuck, and your plant will suffer.

When this happens in mature plants and only lasts a few days, it’s not that big of a problem. Once the temperature is resolved, the backed-up sugars will go where they should be. However, in immature plants, this situation will stunt the plant’s growth.

Tip: make sure to download my free Grow Bible  and learn how a marijuana plant grows

Another temperature- sensitive function is respiration. Respiration decreases as the temperature drops. This should be a good thing because it lowers the amount of energy a plant uses. However, it also creates a dangerous crutch.

When a heavier crop develops because of a lowered temperature, total crop respiration increases . Because of this, when the temperature increases, more energy is needed to keep the plant alive. This leaves little room for the plant to grow.

Maintaining the perfect temperature for your plants can be tricky. Lucky for growers, there’s already plenty of research around the ideal temperatures for your plants. So keep on reading…


Grow room

The ideal temperature in your grow room depends on several factors. The location of your room in the building is an important one; in a basement it’s a lot cooler than in an attic with a flat roof.

Aside from that, the size of your room, the airflow, the number of lights and the extraction rates play an important role. Keep this in mind when building your grow room.

Image powered by

temperature cuttings and seedlings

Temperature between 68ºF and 77ºF for cuttings and seedlings

When the light is turned on, an ideal temperature for the cuttings and seedlings is between 68ºF and 77ºF (20ºC and 25ºC). As the plants get older they can evaporate a little bit more and the temperature may increase to a maximum of 82ºF (28ºC).

When the lights are off, the temperature should lie between 59ºF and 72ºF (15ºC and 22ºC). Another important rule is that the temperature differences between day and night cannot be too high, a maximum difference of 18ºF (10ºC). So when it’s 82ºF (28ºC) during the day, it cannot go below 64ºF (18ºF) at night.


Relation to humidity

First, here’s a bit of information on how humidity works. The air our plants ‘breathe’ contains water vapor. The amount of water vapor in the air can vary. This is the humidity.

In a grow room, the humidity is always a bit higher because the plant’s leaves evaporate water. Marijuana plants only use 10% of the water they absorb for growing and evaporate the other 90%.

However, the air can only hold a certain amount as well. When this number is reached, condensation begins. You’ll notice condensation as little droplets of water in the colder areas of your grow room or on your plant.

Temperature plays a huge role in humidity because it affects the amount of water vapor that the air can hold. Warm air can handle much more water vapor than cold air.

Humidity while growing

Humidity while growing

How do you know you are getting close to having too much moisture? The relative humidity (RH) is a measurement of the percentage of moisture already in the air. For example, an RH reading of 70% indicates that more water vapor can be absorbed into the air. However, 70% at 77 degrees is different than 70% at 68 degrees, because warmer air can hold more moisture.

Specifically, at the higher temperature, 2 pounds of air could have as much as .45 ounces of water vapor in it. On the other hand, 2 pounds of 68-degree air only holds .32 ounces. So, if you allow the air to cool down, the air can hold less water vapor, leading to condensation while also raising the relative humidity.

Example: 77 Degree air cooled to 73 degrees — RH rise from 70% to 80%

This process leads to what is commonly known as the dew point. The dew point occurs when the air can no longer hold any more water vapor, and it condenses into droplets called dew.

In the example above, we know that the dew point of 77 degrees with 70% RH is 66 degrees. Therefore, we must keep the temperature above 66 degrees to prevent excessive moisture.

Ideal humidity for marijuana seedlings

Ideal humidity for marijuana seedlings

Maintaining proper moisture in your grow room is important because a properly ventilated grow room always experiences regular drops in temperature. The heat from the lamps as well as the naturally humid air is regularly sucked out through fans and other ventilation methods. Regardless, you must make sure the humidity levels are optimal for your plants.

We discuss ways to increase humidity here.


How to measure temperatues

You measure the temperature in your marijuana grow room with a thermometer. There are analog and digital thermometers, and they’re for sale everywhere for a few bucks. I always use a digital thermo/hygrometer (something like this one) with a built-in memory, so I can see what the maximum and minimum temperature was.

It’s also a good idea to get one with a temperature sensor on a wire, so you can hang the display outside your grow room, and can see the temperature when the lights are off.

Measuring temperature and humidity

Measuring temperature and humidity

Always measure the temperature in the shade, and at various places in your growing room. Provide good air flow by placing several fans. The lamps emit radiant heat which does not affect the air temperature.

Therefore it will always be a few degrees warmer right under the lamp than a shaded spot. That is not really an issue, but make sure there’s enough distance between the lamp and the plant, so the tips of the plants won’t literally burn. Radiant heat does affect the leaf temperature.


How to lower temperatures

Heat often becomes a problem in your grow room. This has to do with the fact that the lamps we use produce a lot of heat. Fluorescent lighting is not really a big deal, but HPS lamps can heat up your room to soaring temperatures of 122ºF (50ºC), which is fatal to your marijuana plants.

First of all, the dimension of the room is important. For a 600 watt HPS lamp always use a minimum space of 3 ft x 3 ft x 6.5 ft (100cm x 100cm x 200 cm) .

For the extraction, use the following simple formula; number of watts divided by two = extractor in cubic feet (meters). So 2 x 600watt HPS is requires an extractor fan of  22000 cubic ft. (600m3). The extractor fan blows the hot air outside, and sucks in fresh air inside.

You can put a carbon filter on it, so it doesn’t blow marijuana smelling air out. You can also put ballasts etc. outside your grow room because they generate a lot of heat.

carbon filter in growroom

Lower your temparature by using a extractor with filter

Perhaps the easiest way to keep the temperature low is by running at night. Your lamps will turn on for a few hours after the sun has set, and turn off a couple of hours after sun rise. This way you’ll have your lights on at the coolest period of the day.

You can imagine that if it’s hot weather outside, you’ll also suck this hot air into your grow room with your extractor. So, the room temperature never gets below the hot temperature outside. There are professional growers who use an air conditioning unit so they can run it during the day and at night.


How to increase temperatures

When the lights are on, it’s not necessary to increase the temperature. The lamps themselves will take care of that. However, it is important to distribute the air over your room evenly so that you’ll get the same temperature everywhere. Use swivel fans for this, and aim them between the lamps and the plant.

increase temperature while growing cannabis

Increase the temperature while growing by using swivel fans

Fresh air from outside should also be well distributed over the growing area, so that there won’t be any cold spots. Especially in winter when temperature can get below freezing.

When the lights are off, it can get cold in your grow room. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to increase the temperature. A simple space heater with thermostat is usually sufficient enough to heat your space. However, they do consume a lot of electricity. A radiator with a thermostat works fine too. You can also turn off the extractor fan (that provides the fresh air) on the moment the lamps turn off. This can be done by a so-called fan controller with thermostat, or with a timer.


Seedlings and clones

Clones do not have their root system yet, so they depend on transpiration for their water. Therefore, they require high amounts of humidity, at least until they have fully formed roots. Many growers use a humidity dome to create an ideal amount of humidity for clones.

Image powered by

humidity for growing clones

Clones like a high humidity

The ideal temperature for clones is between 68-77°F (20-25°C) with high humidity. At these temperatures, they should quickly form roots and become more self-sufficient. These temperatures are similar for seedlings.

Vegetative stage

During the vegetative stage, young plants prefer a high humidity (70% or more) and temperatures between 68-77°F (20-25°C). However, as the plant gets older, a slightly lower humidity is okay. This is more of an issue for indoor grown plants, as outdoor grown plants are able to withstand more temperature fluctuations.

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The ideal temperature during the vegetative stage is between 68-77°F (20-25°C) with moderate humidity while also providing slightly cooler temperatures during dark periods.

The cooler ‘night’ periods are perfect for encouraging growth. Don’t let temperatures drop below 59ºF (15ºC). Once the plant matures, it should be able to withstand cooler temperatures during the day and drier air as well.


Flowering stage

Once your plant reaches the flowering stage, it can thrive at a comfortable room temperate with low humidity. Unless you are adding additional CO2 to your grow room, a temperature under 82°F (28°C) is ideal. These lower temperatures encourage potent, trichome rich buds that you can smell and enjoy before you burn them.

Don’t go over 82°F (28°C) because higher temperatures cause terpenes to evaporate and they also slow bud growth. If your buds are too hot during this time, you may be literally burning away the good stuff as they grow, leaving very little taste or smell by the time of harvest.

Be especially careful to keep it comfortable for your plant after week 6 or 7. This is when terpene production is at its max, and you risk evaporating them due to high heat.

For optimal trichome production, make sure it is slightly cooler during the dark periods. The change in temperature may trigger increased terpene content as it optimizes plant processes. Just don’t make it too cold.

Humidity during flowering stage

Creat the ideal temperature during flowering stage

If you aren’t familiar with terpenes, they involve much more than taste and smell. They also impact the color of both the buds and the entire plant. Terpenes are responsible for the tomatoes red color, and they possibly may do something similar in certain cannabis strains. With the proper dark-period temperatures, you can bring out interesting colors in your plants (such as blue, pink and purple).

This phenomenon depends on the strain, of course. Most marijuana plants only grow green buds, but if you want to see what your plant can do, keep it cool for it ‘night’ temperatures and find out.


Drying and curing

Harvesting is not the last step to top-quality bud. Even with the best genetics, you’ll need to properly dry and cure your buds. Perhaps half of what determines great marijuana is how it has been dried or cured.

Professional dried and cured marijuana is more potent, looks better and produces a smoother smoke.
It will have that ‘sticky-icky’ feeling that marijuana lovers crave.

temperature and humidity while drying

Maintain the right temperature and humidity while drying

If you want the best results from your harvest, focus on maintaining the correct temperature and humidity throughout the entire process. This will help prevent mold and over-drying as well as make it easier to produce the best weed possible.

Keep temperatures around 64°F (18°C) and the humidity at 45%. The values on the picture above are not correct. I made this pictures just after harvesting so temperature and humidity were still high.

Create a smooth air flow bud don’t blow directly on your buds. This will cause them to dry too quickly.


Too low

Marijuana grown indoors functions best at moderate temperatures between 68 and 77°F (20-25°C) during the light period and a drop of no more than 18°F (10°C) to 60°F (15°C) during the dark period. CO2-enriched plants will produce more at a marginally higher temperature of just under 82°F (28°C).

What if the temperature in your marijuana grow room is too cold? If the temperature drops below 60°F (15°C) during the dark period, plants will grow more slowly and yields will not be as abundant. This won’t be readily apparent if you aren’t particularly familiar with the garden’s normal output.

CO2 system setup

CO2 system setup. Over $1000,- investment

A few nights of cool temperatures won’t significantly damage your crop, but if it continues to occur throughout the flowering period, it can definitely be cause for concern. A CO2 generator or electric heater can heat the room adequately.


Too high

If the floor can have a steady temperature at around 80°F (27°C), the roots will be warmed and the stems and leaves will withstand influxes of colder air. A heating mat is ideal if you’ve only got a few plants to worry about.

Larger gardens might require the use of a recirculating hot water heater to ensure optimal temperatures.

Tip: make sure to download my free Grow Bible for more information about the influence of temperature on marijuana plants

Marijuana plants won’t usually die from heat, but they can cause the plant to grow slower. High heat (above 80 degrees) while its flowering will not only slow down the bud growth, but it will also reduce the smell and potency. If you care about growing buds with plenty of cannabinoids, you need to be sure to keep the temperature under control during the flowering stage.

Heat also causes other problems for cannabis. When it is too hot, your plant is more likely to suffer from spider mites, root rot, white powdery milder, nutrient burn, wilting and increased stretching. These situations are even more likely if it is also humid, or if there is increased water transpiration.



Most outdoor varieties can endure temperatures as low as 50°F (10°C) without any problem. That being said, fifty degrees is still not an ideal temperature because it tends to slow down tissue growth and photosynthesis later in the day.

Result of wrong temperature

Anything below 40°F (4°C) can result in damage to the tissue. Gas patio heaters can keep gardens warm on frigid nights. Maintaining a temperature of 60 degrees will promote plant growth substantially.

These outdoor plants can also benefit from a polyethylene plastic covering that keeps things nice and toasty while also protecting the garden from the elements. Heaters can increase protection even more.



For a quick fix, just keep the lights farther away from the plants. If you want something more substantial, try installing air-cooled lights with reflectors that will reduce the heat near the light. Water-cooled lights are actually more effective at diminishing light-generated heat.

air-cooled lights

Air-cooled lights, quick fix

For the most part, HPS lights should maintain a distance of around 3 to 4 inches per 100 watt from the tops of the plants. Air-cooled lights make the acceptable distance range between 2 and 3 inches per 100 watt.

Water-cooled lights make the acceptable distance about 2 inches or even less per 100 watt from the plant tops. With light movers, you can move the lights closer or farther away depending on your preference.

Check this table with distances for all grow lights. Including LED and CFL.



Don’t stress out your plants. If your plant gets too warm, photosynthesis is impacted, enzymes activity decreases, and fewer proteins are produced. Some proteins even break down. If this continues long enough, your plant can die.

This rarely happens to outdoor grown plants because we are referring to temperatures greater than 105 degrees. However, this can occur in indoor setups if you are not paying attention.

Heatstress cannabis

Heatstress on plants – leaves curl up inwards

You’ll recognize heat stress on the top leaves of your plant. They will start to turn yellow and curl inward. This happens as the plant tries to protect itself from the heat. To see it in action, put a lamp too close to your plant. It’s a simple mistake that can quickly cost your plant its life.

Prevent this from happening to your plants by keeping your lamps a bit higher than your plants and/or by using a fan to blow away some of that excessive heat.

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Happy growing,


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Grow your plants organically and growing by the moon

grow cannabis

In een nieuw vensterGrow your plants organically and growing by the moon


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 grow autoflower

Even if you’re an expert, I can still teach you some stuff!



You might consider yourself an expert marijuana grower, but I guarantee I can still teach you some stuff.

Do you know how to grow your plants organically?

Or better yet, did you know you can grow your marijuana based on the phases of the moon?

Here’s a little bit on both of those things.

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Natural/organic growing

Tons of growers are successful at growing their marijuana plants using only organic and natural ingredients as nutrients and pesticides.

Being growers and climate-conscious seem to go hand in hand, and many of us want to lessen our carbon and chemical footprint (as well as keep the product as healthy and safe as possible).

While organic and natural growing is not exactly the same thing, it often happens that a grower will do both — intentionally or unintentionally.

Growing outside is ideal because it will lower your carbon footprint even further.

To grow marijuana organically outdoors:

  • Use natural nutrients
  • Use natural pesticides
  • Use nutrients as little as possible (for less run-off)
  • Use drip irrigation

Traditional composting is one of the best ways to get your plants everything they need. Make your own compost pile from food scraps and plant waste to create a cheap, nutrient-rich mixture that is excellent for plants.

Read more about growing naturally

Growing marijuana with the moon

Everyone thinks about the sun when they are growing outdoors, but it turns out that the moon is important too!

Lunar movements have tons of effects on the world around us, including our marijuana plants.

  • When the moon is waxing, for example, your plants will be developing their leave and stems.
  • When the moon is waning, your plants will use their energy more for their root systems.

This is why harvesting during a waxing moon is ideal. It is also the best time to water your plants (but be extra careful with nutrients during this time).

Germination is best done during the crescent moon phase. Marijuana takes in more nutrients during the gibbous phase due to the gravitation pull of the moon. Your plant will be taking some much-needed R & R from growing during the balsamic moon phase, making it the best time to prune, do some weeding, and prep for the next stage.

Read more about growing with the moon
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Take care of your plants, and they’ll take of you. That is, of course, if you start out with great seeds.

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Happy growing,


Robert Bergman

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Greenhouse Basics leads to higher quality

ton of reasons to grow your plants in a greenhouse,Typically leads to higher quality bud including:

Simpler than an indoor grow setup
Protection from the elements
A more consistent and predictable grow environment
Better for northern climates (compared to growing outdoors)
Natural heating, but with the possibility of heating it further yourself
Typically leads to higher quality bud

Greenhouse Basics

While growing marijuana indoors or outside can be tons of fun, growing marijuana inside a greenhouse is super practical and highly effective.

There are a ton of reasons to grow your plants in a greenhouse, including:

  • Simpler than an indoor grow setup

  • Protection from the elements

  • A more consistent and predictable grow environment

  • Better for northern climates (compared to growing outdoors)

  • Natural heating, but with the possibility of heating it further yourself

  • Typically leads to higher quality bud

Hop over here to check out the full article on greenhouse growing!


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  Greenhouse Basics

Greenhouse allow for two types of growing: planting your marijuana straight into the ground, or growing your plants in pots. Either one will work well, depending on your particular preferences and lifestyle.

Greenhouses are extremely versatile — in other words, you can do just about anything you want with them. Many people prefer to use an automated system because it means they don’t have to do much in the way of daily care. Automatic watering is one of the best ways to ease your daily routine.

Keep in mind that having a greenhouse means that you can start the growing season quite a bit earlier than if you were growing outside. Once there is enough sun for it, get your plants going. The greenhouse will be significantly warmer than the outside temperatures, and if it gets especially cold it isn’t too hard to heat up the closed environment of a greenhouse.

It goes without saying that starting the season earlier is going to help your plants grow bigger, bushier, and have more potent buds. This is a huge reason why greenhouse growing is becoming so popular.

You can even get your plants to enter the flowering phase earlier because you can darken your greenhouse to “trick” your plants into “thinking” it’s later in the season than it actually is.

The main thing to remember in a greenhouse is ventilation. This differs from when you are growing your plants outdoors, of course, so be sure to install a proper ventilation system before you have even started growing.

Make sure to check out the full article on greenhouse growing!


Happy growing,

CBD Capsules 3% Endoca

CBD capsules Dit is een ideale oplossing voor iedereen die geen vloeibare CBD (druppels) kan of wil innemen. De capsules bevatten alle oorspronkelijke werkzame stoffen uit de hennepplant.

CBD Capsules 3% Endoca

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CBD capsules de ideale oplossing voor iedereen die geen vloeibare CBD (druppels) kan of wil innemen. De capsules bevatten alle oorspronkelijke werkzame stoffen uit de hennepplant.

1 capsule is vergelijkbaar met 6 druppels van 3% olie.


Helende HENNEP wietolie het ideale volksmedicijn

helende hennep, marihuana en medicinale cannabis olie boek voor iedereen die iets heeft met wietolie een boek dat zeker de moeite waard is om te lezen.


helende hennep

Helende Hennep Boek is in Nederland welhaast een beroemd boek over het volksmedicijn mediwietolie. Helende Hennep is geschreven door Wernard Bruining van Stichting Mediwiet. Na het overweldigende succes van zijn eerste boek “Wietolie het ideale volksmedicijn” is er nu het boek Helende Hennep wat nog meer informatie over hennep, marihuana en medicinale cannabis olie. Voor iedereen die iets heeft met wietolie een boek Helende HENNEP wietolie het ideale volksmedicijn dat zeker de moeite waard is om te lezen.

hennep zaad olie

De Bio Hennep olie zit boordevol essentiële vetten. Het heeft een hoge concentratie aminozuren en de optimale verhouding (3:1) qua Omega 3 en Omega 6 vetzuren (linolzuur en alfalinoleenzuur). Er zitten tevens mineralen in, zoals ijzer, magnesium en calcium. Verder bevat deze biologische hennep zaad olie spoorelementen, krachtige antioxidanten en bioactieve enzymen. Daarnaast heeft de olie veel vitaminen en zelfs bijna alle B-vitaminen.

In hennepzaadolie zitten alle essentiële eiwitbouwstenen en het bevat geen cholesterol. Hennep is een plantaardige eiwitbron. Een goed vleesalternatief voor vegetariërs en veganisten dus! - Hennepolie en CBD olie producten

Hennep zaad olie als voedingsbron voor de huid

Voor de huid is Omega 6 onontbeerlijk. Hennepzaadolie is daarom een zeer goede voedingsbron voor de huid. Een hoge dosering Omega 3 (zonder Omega 6) geeft voor de huid vaak weinig tot geen resultaat.

Meer boeken over hennep :

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