Spring Sale

Today is a special day, as I’ve launched our first sale of this year:


To celebrate the new season, I offer an irresistible selection of strains with a great deal: You get 10 seeds for free, when you buy 10.

I’ve selected a nice mix of Sativa and Indica seeds for this sale. So all you growers can get a great deal on your favorite seeds or you can try something new

EASTER SALE (because bunnies love marijuana plants)

eastersale marijuana plants

EASTER SALE (because bunnies love marijuana plants)

The other day, the Easter Bunny stopped by our office and asked me to deliver a message to you.

He said he doesn’t appreciate the practice of millions of children savagely eating chocolate replicas of his likeness. It’s cruel, and disrespectful to bunnies everywhere!

He also said I should have a sale in his honor because bunnies love marijuana plants.

So here’s a tip of the Easter sale iceberg:

EASTER SALE (because bunnies love marijuana plants

But we have way more delicious strains on offer for the occasion!

So instead of (or in addition to…who am I to judge!) breaking off a chocolate bunny ear this year, why not enjoy these wonderful discounts?

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Greenhouse Basics leads to higher quality

ton of reasons to grow your plants in a greenhouse,Typically leads to higher quality bud including:

Simpler than an indoor grow setup
Protection from the elements
A more consistent and predictable grow environment
Better for northern climates (compared to growing outdoors)
Natural heating, but with the possibility of heating it further yourself
Typically leads to higher quality bud

Greenhouse Basics

While growing marijuana indoors or outside can be tons of fun, growing marijuana inside a greenhouse is super practical and highly effective.

There are a ton of reasons to grow your plants in a greenhouse, including:

  • Simpler than an indoor grow setup

  • Protection from the elements

  • A more consistent and predictable grow environment

  • Better for northern climates (compared to growing outdoors)

  • Natural heating, but with the possibility of heating it further yourself

  • Typically leads to higher quality bud

Hop over here to check out the full article on greenhouse growing!


Ready to grow, but haven’t decided on seeds yet? I assembled a whole bunch of new mixpack combinations so everyone can find a combination that fits their preference. Be sure to check out these delicious packs because these are some of the best combo-offers out there!


Download the Marijuana Grow Bible today and grow like a pro by tomorrow!


  Greenhouse Basics

Greenhouse allow for two types of growing: planting your marijuana straight into the ground, or growing your plants in pots. Either one will work well, depending on your particular preferences and lifestyle.

Greenhouses are extremely versatile — in other words, you can do just about anything you want with them. Many people prefer to use an automated system because it means they don’t have to do much in the way of daily care. Automatic watering is one of the best ways to ease your daily routine.

Keep in mind that having a greenhouse means that you can start the growing season quite a bit earlier than if you were growing outside. Once there is enough sun for it, get your plants going. The greenhouse will be significantly warmer than the outside temperatures, and if it gets especially cold it isn’t too hard to heat up the closed environment of a greenhouse.

It goes without saying that starting the season earlier is going to help your plants grow bigger, bushier, and have more potent buds. This is a huge reason why greenhouse growing is becoming so popular.

You can even get your plants to enter the flowering phase earlier because you can darken your greenhouse to “trick” your plants into “thinking” it’s later in the season than it actually is.

The main thing to remember in a greenhouse is ventilation. This differs from when you are growing your plants outdoors, of course, so be sure to install a proper ventilation system before you have even started growing.

Make sure to check out the full article on greenhouse growing!


Happy growing,

CBD Capsules 3% Endoca

CBD capsules Dit is een ideale oplossing voor iedereen die geen vloeibare CBD (druppels) kan of wil innemen. De capsules bevatten alle oorspronkelijke werkzame stoffen uit de hennepplant.

CBD Capsules 3% Endoca

30,50 29,00



CBD capsules de ideale oplossing voor iedereen die geen vloeibare CBD (druppels) kan of wil innemen. De capsules bevatten alle oorspronkelijke werkzame stoffen uit de hennepplant.

1 capsule is vergelijkbaar met 6 druppels van 3% olie.


Man who treated stage III COPD III with cannabis off all meds and back to work full time

Man who treated stage III COPD III with cannabis off all meds and back to work full time; After spending 28 days in intensive care going in and out of a coma from a reaction to one of those drugs, Jeff decided to find a better way to handle his COPD than what the medical monopoly and Big Pharma offered.

Man who treated stage III COPD III with cannabis off all meds and back to work full time


Back in April of 2014, this author presented an article about how cannabis is very helpful for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). The story of Jeff Waters, diagnosed with stage III COPD at the age of 36, was featured in that article. Some may wonder how he’s doing now.

First a quick review of what COPD is. It’s a strange name that describes different lung problems that aren’t cancerous but very debilitating. Those you see carting around oxygen tanks that feed into their nostrils have some form of COPD. And the prognosis from mainstream medicine is that it only gets worse. There’s no cure in sight from Big Pharma.

Yet all sorts of prescriptions are given to purportedly give some relief. Their side effects are what put Jeff into the hospital under life support at one time.

Jeff was on 15 pharmaceuticals including COPD drugs, high blood pressure meds and drugs for depression, anxiety, aggression, high cholesterol, insomnia and pain. Acute upper respiratory disease is a black box warning on some of them.

After spending 28 days in intensive care going in and out of a coma from a reaction to one of those drugs, Jeff decided to find a better way to handle his COPD than what the medical monopoly and Big Pharma offered.

Jeff’s discovery and latest developments

Though residing in a non-medical marijuana state, Jeff managed to get his hands on FECO (full-extract cannabis oil) made with full-spectrum cannabis that includes THC and uses grain alcohol as the solvent. He managed to get up to a half gram twice daily.

Soon, he was walking two to five miles daily without lugging an oxygen tank around. Prior to usingcannabis, he couldn’t climb a flight of stairs. In addition to his walking exercise, he had begun improving his diet.

As time went on, his pharmaceuticals, oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators went out. His weight went from 189 pounds on a slightly short frame to a more appropriate 142 pounds. His blood pressure went back to normal without using blood pressure pharmaceuticals.

Until recently, Jeff had to limit his activities according to his oxygen tank’s logistics and be assured that hisCOPD meds were nearby. Many COPD victims report how they have to take a break from whatever they’re doing to rest or use a nebulizer or inhale some stored oxygen.

An even more effective cannabis technique

For COPD or cancer sufferers who may find taking THC cannabis daily like Jeff to be a bit hard to handle with the “high” side effect, there is the “back door” method of using cannabis suppositories or squirting a syringe of half cannabis oil and half coconut oil into the anus.

This works even better for lung issues than orally ingesting or vaping (vaporizer inhalation) cannabis and minimizes any psychotropic side effects. TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) is aware of the large intestine’s energetic lung connection, and ozone therapy uses rectal insufflation (absorption) for lung issues.








About the author:
Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding them towards direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom.

You can check out his many non-compromising cutting edge, non-fluff articles herehttp://www.naturalnews.com/Author712.html

And you can visit his blog at http://healthmaven.blogspot.com


Cannabis planten mannelijk of vrouwelijk?

Cannabis planten mannelijk of vrouwelijk?

Cannabis toont het geslacht pas wanneer de bloei is begonnen.

De Cannabisplant komt in bloei wanneer zij per cyclus van 24 uur 12 uur licht en 12 uur onafgebroken duisternis krijgt. Wanneer deze lichtcyclus (ofwel fotoperiode) in gang is gezet, zullen de eerste bloemen binnen 2 weken zichtbaar worden.

Vrouwelijke plant:

Vrouwelijke cannabis plant

Mannelijke plant:

Mannelijke cannabis plant

Kweken met gefeminiseerde of autoflower zaden maakt dat proces overbodig. Die zijn namelijk veredeld om te bloeien als Vrouwelijke plant.

Binnen bepaalt de groeier het moment waarop de fotoperiode wordt veranderd en de bloei wordt ingezet. Dit kan eenvoudig door instellen van de timers op de lampen.

Buiten moet de groeier wachten tot het aantal natuurlijke daglichturen tot 12 is gedaald. Wanneer dit precies gebeurt variëert afhankelijk van de geografische plaats. In Noord-Europa gebeurt dit omstreeks midden tot eind juli.

cannabis planten

Het is mogelijk de bloei buiten op te wekken door de planten dagelijks aan 12 uur daglicht bloot te stellen en ze dan af te dekken of binnen te zetten. Dit moet dan echter wel iedere dag zonder uitzondering worden gedaan.


Cannabis Seeds

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Growing Bigger Buds with Marijuana Booster

Growing Bigger Buds with Marijuana Booster

grow marijuana cbdmediwiet.nl
grow marijuana cbdmediwiet.nl

Whether you’re growing marijuana for personal use or you’re looking to make a little extra money on the side, you always want to have the biggest buds.

The buds are where you get the most “meat” on the marijuana plant, and you’ll certainly be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor for much longer with bigger buds. But, achieving big buds isn’t always a matter of plant genetics or complete luck. You have to put in a lot of effort, and you have to understand exactly what the plant needs at each stage of its life.

For starters, you have to understand the basics of nutrient uptake within the plant. Nutrients act like food for the plant to thrive and grow tall. Of course, nutrients are also largely responsible for the size of the buds by the time the harvest comes around. Nutrients aren’t the only variable, but they’re wildly important. The main triplet of nutrients that you’ll often come across in most fertilizers consists of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). On most fertilizers, there is a little “NPK” value that indicates how much of each nutrient is in the fertilizer. For the most part, you’ll want a fertilizer with a higher concentration of nitrogen during vegetative state. Nitrogen is primarily responsible for the overall growth and healthy function of the plant. It helps the plant thrive during vegetative state and it also sets the stage for success once your plants enter the flowering stage. When a plant reaches flowering stage, they require a different kind of fertilizer concentration—one that is higher in phosphorus and potassium than nitrogen. At that point, it’s a good idea to switch to a “bloom fertilizer” to help out with bud growth. The Benefits of Marijuana Booster

This is really the traditional way to grow larger buds, and it has worked to a certain degree for years. But, there are a lot more than just three nutrients at play in fertilizers and inside the living marijuana plant. It can be hard to hit the right balance of nutrients during vegetative state and flowering state. If you could find a fertilizer product that would take the nutrient guesswork out of your hands, then you’d probably jump at that opportunity. One such product is Marijuana Booster, a revolutionary growth program that can guarantee you a good return on your investment. If you want bigger buds from your harvest, then Marijuana Booster can certainly help out. It does so by providing a large mix of nutrients that are best suited to growing large, healthy plants with large, healthy buds. You won’t just find the standard “NPK” nutrients in Marijuana Booster. You’ll encounter plenty of micronutrients like boron, manganese, calcium, and more. Marijuana Booster is essentially the perfect mixture of nutrients to help marijuana grow to its fullest capacity with huge buds dripping with THC. It also comes with a feeding and watering schedule to help you along the way. If you want to get ahead of the game, then Marijuana Booster gives you the best option.

Marijuana Booster - Double Your Yield


maximizing the taste and smell of your marijuana plants!

While many marijuana growers are most concerned about maximizing the yield and getting the most buds out of each marijuana plant, the taste and smell of the end product are also critical factors that can be influenced during your marijuana plants’ lives.

Learn the basics

A surprisingly overlooked way to improve the smell and taste of marijuana is simply to learn how to better grow and care for marijuana plants. If you are someone who just picked up the basics of how to grow marijuana on the fly, then this piece of advice is for you. It is very easy to grow marijuana well enough but maximizing the yield and potency of the buds, as well as the flavor and aroma, takes a few more steps of learning.

In-depth ways of improving the taste and smell

Terpenes are a somewhat little-known chemical contained within all marijuana buds. Marijuana that has more terpenes is going to have a more potent characteristic smell and taste. In other words, more terpenes are exactly what you need to increase the smell and taste of the buds.

To get your plants to produce more terpenes and terpenoids than usual, you will need to stress them out a tiny bit. Please note: this should only be undertaken if you have been growing marijuana for a long time and really know what you’re doing.

So how do you stress out your plant in a “good” way? You can start by bending or moving the stems without using too much pressure, often referred to as low-stress training (LST). Just be sure that when you do, you are not making physical contact with the buds themselves. If you would prefer a slightly more active and bold approach, super cropping is an option for you.

grow marijuana cbdmediwiet.nl
grow marijuana cbdmediwiet.nl

Wietzaden cannabiszaden


Wietzaden of cannabiszaden vormen de basis. Met ons enorme assortiment high-quality wietzaden afkomstig van breeders over de hele wereld is er altijd wel een soort die aan jouw wensen voldoet. Van legendarische cannabis cup winnaars zoals de Granddaddy Purple of Flowerbomb Kush tot een medicinale CBD autoflower die binnen negen weken geoogst kan worden.

Lighthouse Seeds

Als aanvulling van de gigantische selectie wietzaden afkomstig van ’s werelds beste cannabiskwekers, waaronder Loud Seeds, Dinafem, Greenhouse Seeds, Dutch Passion, Mr Nice en Serious Seeds, vind je in onze online seedshop ook zaden van Lighthouse Seeds. Het doel van Lighthouse Seeds is om de cannabiszaden die door kwekers en bedrijven worden achtergehouden beschikbaar te stellen voor kwekers over de hele wereld. Onze zaden verzekeren de kweker van sterke en zuivere genetica die veel andere bedrijven niet kunnen bieden. Ben je op zoek naar kwaliteit? 


Regular of Feminised?

Het kiezen van reguliere of gefeminiseerde wietzaden is een belangrijke afweging waar iedere kweker goed over moet nadenken. Gefeminiseerde wietzaden groeien uit tot vrouwelijke planten, en produceren dus toppen. Reguliere wietzaden geven zowel mannelijke als vrouwelijke planten, en zijn daarom bij uitstek geschikt voor de productie van zaad. Toch kunnen ook reguliere wietzaden gebruikt worden voor een cannabiskweek. Hiervoor hoeven slechts de mannelijke planten op tijd worden weggehaald, zodat de vrouwelijke wietplanten kunnen doorgroeien zonder bestoven te worden.


Welke wietzaden zijn het beste?

Er zijn tegenwoordig enorm veel topkwaliteit wietzaden beschikbaar. Hierdoor is er veel keuze wanneer je wietzaden gaat bestellen. Bij Lighthouse proberen we de keuze gemakkelijker te maken door wietzaden in te delen in verschillende categorieën. Zo wordt er onder andere onderscheid gemaakt tussen wietzaden voor binnen en wietzaden voor buiten en gefeminiseerd of niet-gefeminiseerd. Een uniek aspect van de Lighthouse seedshop is de onderverdeling van cannabiszaden op (medicinaal) effect. Zo vind je gemakkelijk een cannabissoort die helpt bij stress of slapeloosheid, maar ook soorten die actief zijn als medicijn tegen ADHD, misselijkheid, hoofdpijn, angst of depressie. Welke wietzaden het beste zijn is dus voor een groot deel afhankelijk van jouw persoonlijke voorkeuren en benodigdheden.


Medicinale Wietzaden

De medicinale cannabiszaden zijn een belangrijk onderdeel van onze seedshop. Door groeiende interesse en een toenemend aantal onderzoeken bloeit de medicinale cannabismarkt enorm snel en wordt medicinale cannabis steeds meer geaccepteerd. Logisch ook, als je bedenkt dat cannabis een grote rol kan spelen in het behandelen van tientallen aandoeningen. Ons assortiment medicinale wietzaden is sterk gevarieerd en er worden regelmatig nieuwe soorten toegevoegd aan onze zaadbank. Heb je vragen over wietzaden? Je kunt  altijd contact met ons opnemen. We helpen je graag.