stemm splitting technique getting-the-most-out-of-your-marijuana-plants

 Have you ever heard of the stem splitting trick

This is a fascinating technique that helps your plants make bigger and badder buds that will blow your mind.

Essentially, stem splitting involves chopping a hole in the stem (make sure you know what you’re doing before just jumping in) and then allowing that hole to remain open, causing the plant to “freak out” and overproduce THC and trichomes (which is, obviously, a very good thing).

How it works

Stem splitting is all about increasing the levels of THC in your marijuana plant.

When your plant undergoes a specific type of stress, it reacts accordingly. In this case, you are messing with the flow of nutrients and water as it tries to make its way up the stem. That causes your plant to produce extra trichomes and THC, which means better and denser buds.

If you’re not familiar with trichomes, you should know that they are essential. They are where the glorious cannabinoids (such as THC) are made. Therefore, the more trichomes, the better. 

How to do it

You will need the following items to successfully perform the stem splitting technique:

●     Knife (very sharp and sterilized)
●     Ties or rope (2)

●     Pencil, chopstick, or another similar object


It is simple in concept but tricky in practice, so it’s a good idea to practice on just one marijuana plant at a time (per grow season) until you are confident you’ve got the hang of it.

If done wrong, it can end up doing more harm than good. So, make sure you are willing to sacrifice one marijuana plant in the name of the greater good before jumping in!

Ready to get started? Go here to learn how to do the stem splitting technique.

Strains with high THC
A few strains are well-known for their high levels of THC, which makes them even more perfect for these techniques.
Outdoor Mixpack
Skywalker OG
Outdoor Mixpack
Outdoor Mixpack

splitting the stem of your marijuna plant?

splitting the stem of your marijuna plant

splitting the stem

Not many people know about this trick, but I’m sharing it with you today. Have you ever heard of splitting the stem of your plant?

No? Well, did you know this will force your plants to create heavier and denser buds? And it also increases THC production up to 20%!

Don’t hesitate and order your seeds to try out this trick with your plants as well!

split marijuana

The purpose of stem splitting is to disturb the flow of nutrients and water right at the base of the stem.

This will cause the plant to start producing more trichomes which means heavier and denser buds with higher THC levels.

Make sure to read my article How to split the stem to increase THC levels in my FREE Marijuana Grow bible after I tell you how to do this in 3 easy steps.

How to split the stem in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 Tie the stem with a rope or cable tie right at the base. Tie a second rope or cable tie a couple inches above that.

Step 2 Take a very sharp knife and cut from the top tie to the bottom tie. There should be one vertical cut that is a few inches in length.

Step 3 The knife should remain inside until you have a pencil or chopsticks to replace it with. This is to keep both sides of the marijuana plant from touching each other.

Check out this picture gallery and learnHow to split the stem.

Splitting the stem causes stress on the plant and forces it to create more trichomes.

Trichomes serve as protectors of the marijuana plants. Specifically against pests, diseases, low temperatures and wind.

Because of this protective feature, more trichomes are produced during times of stress. Take advantage of this special feature and read about splitting the stem and many more secret tricks to grow huge buds and increase your yield.

Tip 1: Apply this technique 3 days or a week before harvest, not sooner!

Tip 2: Try it on only 1 of your plants until you’ve mastered the technique

Tip 3: Ever extended the dark period to 48 hours right before harvest? Read more here

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